Travelling With Parents

Enjoying a beer on a sunny afternoon in Bonn with the parents!

“Don’t touch that.” “Don’t get on the road, keep to the right!” “Stay here. Wait for me… <comes back from asking for directions>… where did they go????” “Get off Facebook and eat your lunch before it gets cold!” Remember being told of these things? Travelling with parents is kind of like that, except it’s been me telling them off for breaching the same rules we had as children. I recently spent a week.. Read More

Writers Need Friends (and a Mentor or Two)


  It happened just after our move to the UK, when I was surrounded by a hype of activities and the adrenaline of a new arrival to a massive city that I suddenly felt a lull. It was as if my mind was sucked clean of creativity and I hit that dreaded wall of Writer’s Block. Stuck in a Rut Thinking it was just a phase, I stopped serious writing for a month,.. Read More

Notes From Kitty: My 24 Hours Flight


Hello. Yep, that’s me. They put me in a cage, and I was not happy. So I wanted to write to tell you about the time I took the 24 hours flight. Mid last year mum suddenly disappeared on us for a few months. Angel and I were placed in the care of aunt Krista and uncle Alex. They had a place near the beach and it was wonderful. They fed us more,.. Read More

From Backpacker to Corporate Traveller


I’ve been a backpacker for a long time, and at heart, I am still that free spirited, messy haired, baggy pants wearing, public transport riding, dorm room and bathroom sharing person that I once was (as I discovered that I still enjoyed the hostel experience last year in Yogyakarta). However, circumstances has it that I have now also turned into that neatly dressed, wheelie case dragging, laptop lapping, taxi hailing and up-market hotel.. Read More

5 Things I Miss About Australia

australia-MorgueFile- quicksandala

  It’s one of those stories that begins with “In a land far far away….” Last month I shared my thoughts on what had surprised me about the UK. Most of these surprises don’t bother me all that much but while life has been more than wonderful (yes, you heard me, I am thoroughly enjoying myself!) there are times when I do miss the land down under. Here’s 5 things I definitely miss about Australia. 1. I.. Read More

Celebrate With Me On Turning 35 And A New Chapter


Hi you! Welcome to the new Footprints and Memories! I was going to wait until my birthday to launch the new design, but I couldn’t wait. It was ready and I was dying to keep writing! I am however, turning 35 this month and I am in the mood to celebrate. I am celebrating the fact that for this long I’ve achieved (or on the way to) almost everything I wanted in life… Read More

Notes From Kitty: My Travelling Mum


Hello. Yes, it’s the cat writing. I’ve been quiet for too long about this and it’s time to break my silence. Seeing that you have all been following what my mother gets up to trotting around the globe, I figured that you already know the pain and sufferance she has endowed upon me (not us, just me), so I needn’t explain why I am now pawing my way on this keyboard to tell.. Read More