Moscow In A Day

St Basil Cathedral Moscow - Amy McPherson

It was really nice to be able to see Moscow during the day, for my previous trips had been on business and I don’t always have the spare time at night to explore. I wrote about Moscow in winter in all its cold and snowy glory, but I thought I write a proper ‘guide’ post for all those business travellers out there who might only have a day to explore.. Read More

How To Travel For Less (And Still Enjoy Yourself!)


I know the story. The economy is not doing well, jobs are scarce and there isn’t enough savings to go round. Travelling has become a thing for those who can afford it, right? So here’s a question I get asked a lot: How can you afford to travel so often? It’s true that I am not rich, nor have I ever won the lottery. It’s also true that I take.. Read More

Notes From Kitty: The English Summer

Kitty and Angel in the sun

I hear that some of you have been inquiring over me. Never fear, I am still alive, despite mum and dad’s insistence of not feeding me every time I actually need to be fed. I keep telling them by nagging and clawing at the door, but I get ignored each time. So I spend most of my time in the sun, basking in my own misery. Mum and dad had.. Read More

Taking The Slow Train To Moscow

Russian overnight train

There is an express train that we could have taken between St Petersburg and Moscow, which would have only taken a little over 4 hours. However, we couldn’t resist the slow train option, for it allowed us to stop by Veliky Novgorod as well as experience the overnight train cabin. I am a big fan of train travel. While moving towards your destination you don’t need to concentrate on the.. Read More

Veliky Novgorod – The Birth Place of Russia

20150707Russia-VelikyNovgorod (77)

Two hours train ride away from St Petersburg took us somewhere in complete contrast. Stepping out of the train we were greeted with a bland concrete station building adorned with the Soviet hammer and sickle, and image that told us that we were definitely not in imperial grounds anymore. This was Veliky Novgorod (or simply referred to as Novgorod) and it is said that Russia, as a state, began from.. Read More

The Tsar’s St Petersburg

20150705Russia-StPetersburg (38)

My previous business trips to Moscow had given me a taste of the extravagance of the Russian architecture and their love of showing off, so on arrival in St Petersburg I wasn’t surprised to find a metropolis of grand palaces and elegant gardens, encircled by cathedrals and churches with golden onion domes.   We chose to stay in a locally run boutique hotel that was simply called ‘A Boutique Hotel’.. Read More

The Wimbledon That Isn’t About Tennis Allday

Wimbledon is a word that is synonymous with tennis, and is conveniently just four train stops from where I currently live. However, I am currently avoiding the area due to the crowds that have descended in the area for… well, the tennis of course. However, there is another side of Wimbledon that isn’t about tennis. Wimbledon is in fact an area around London that has plenty of stories and heritage! Wimbledon.. Read More