The Wimbledon That Isn’t About Tennis Allday

Wimbledon is a word that is synonymous with tennis, and is conveniently just four train stops from where I currently live. However, I am currently avoiding the area due to the crowds that have descended in the area for… well, the tennis of course. However, there is another side of Wimbledon that isn’t about tennis. Wimbledon is in fact an area around London that has plenty of stories and heritage! Wimbledon was one of.. Read More

Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty

20150627UK-SurreyHills 015

I am not trying to come up with a clever blog title, in fact, this is what the area is actually called.   Wanting to explore the region where we live, I jumped on Google Maps (what else) and looked for places and areas of interest in Surrey. Being Google, it knew my strong preferences to places with lots of nature and walking trails so immediately pin pointed the Surrey Hills Area of.. Read More

My Thoughts On In-flight Entertainment

Image source: Wikimedia Commons CC Share Alike 2.0 | Credit to: Jetstar Airways Australia

[Feature image source: Wikimedia Commons Share Alike 2.0 | Credit to: Jetstar Airways Australia] Been flying a lot lately, it’s almost becoming a bit of a chore: hours queuing at immigration and attempts at small talk on the flight with fellow passengers can get a little tedious at times. Most of us don’t like it and don’t really want to be here, and by the look of the expression of the cabin crew.. Read More

5 Bike Friendly Cities to Visit

© Jorge Royan / / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Thinking of taking an eco-friendly approach to travel? On some of our previous trips, we’ve rented bikes to explore towns and cities, and I found travelling on bikes fantastic for seeing a place from a different point of view.   Taking your bike with you on holidays or renting one at your destination allow you to explore a new place while reducing your carbon footprint. More and more places around the globe are.. Read More

Do you have to quit your job to find happiness?

Image source: Morgue File | Credit to: JessicaGale

This story is everywhere.   “I quit my job to look after kittens.”   “I quit my job to do joga around the world.”   “I quit my job and I found love and happiness.”   So it’s that easy then. To find happiness in life you just have to quit your job.   Previously I have written about why I am not (yet) a full time travel blogger/writer. Many of my peers.. Read More

5 Places I Go To Breathe


We all have places where we go to just breathe, sometimes for a long time but more often just for a couple of days, where we escape the daily grind, away from the routine that is wake up, breakfast, train, work, lunch, work, train, home, dinner, sleep. Some escape to shop, others escape to enjoy moments of solitude. I escape to be with nature, (if you recall, I am more of a mountain/forest.. Read More

Photo Essay: The Pacific City of Noumea


I have been thinking about the Pacific lately, thinking about the islands, the beaches and friendly people. Combining the European setting and thoughts of smiling islanders I landed my mind back in bustling Noumea, where it is easier to get a good croissant than it is to order the Bougna, a traditional Melanesian feast cooked in banana leaf. Noumea of today may be full of cruise ship passengers, it is still possible to experience the.. Read More